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Artificial Intelligence is already everywhere

Many see Artificial Intelligence as something far from the future, which we will not see yet. But nothing could be further from the truth: Artificial Intelligence is already here, and it is everywhere. Let’s see, where do we have Artificial Intelligence in our day to day? The truth is that many of these ideas can terrify them. And it is not for less, because Artificial Intelligence is already capable of replacing the face of a video with yours, making your face speak from a photo, or even generating human voices synthetically and unmistakable with those of a human. real. In fact, this same Google already showed it and it was amazing, so they were even forced to promise that when they used this AI, it would identify itself as such; and in the coming weeks, they will start using it in reality. In fact, and as the experts point out, there will come a point where Artificial Intelligence will be as widespread as computers or mobile phones are now. We will simply have to get used to everything being ‘ powered by AI ‘.

If you are scared by Artificial Intelligence, there is still time

Google and Facebook are just some of the examples of apps you use every day that have Artificial Intelligence, First of all, our mobile phone, is perhaps the element with which we interact the most every day and which has the most Artificial Intelligence. Even if you don’t use it, your mobile phone has a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence. In the case of Android, it is Google Assistant, and in the case of iOS Siri. However, in the first case, it is used as a processing engine, and in the second to improve the voice and make it more natural. The day will come when we will probably use Artificial Intelligence for everything not only that, but a multitude of applications, web pages, and services already use it, in addition to the fact that many of the companies you hire probably also use AI, which ends up having an impact on the products you use or buy.

In the future, your car will drive itself thanks to Artificial Intelligence; and this is already happening: there are already thousands of fully autonomous cars on the streets. You probably have a robot co-worker or directly when you go to hire a service you only find a non-human worker. And we haven’t seen anything yet, and we probably can’t imagine one-hundredth of what AI will intrude on our lives.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence - Srimax % | Srimax

AI is everywhere and it doesn’t matter if it’s called that or something else, “because as John McCarthy said in the late 1950s, once something works, we don’t call it AI anymore. ” There are many scientists who divide the general term Artificial Intelligence into 3 categories: ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence), AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and ASI. ANI can do what it was designed to do perfectly well and much better than any human, but only that and nothing more.

Therefore, the path to AGI means bringing Artificial Intelligence to a general level of human intelligence, where AI can act as well as a human being in different fields. “Conservative estimates assume that by 2050 we will have developed an AI that is at the AGI level. ASI, “true AI”, which can do everything much better than any human being, is the holy grail of AI research, and an ASI in 2070 is considered by conservative scientists to be quite realistic.” ASI is not a better variant of the human brain, but something completely different, and the human brain is not a “better variant” of a monkey brain, therefore ASI is not better than humans, nor necessarily superior, just objectively different and probably insatiably smarter.

Fantastic things have already happened in the field of mutual cooperation in the last 70 years, leading to a kind of global moral union that is unique to date. There is no reason to believe that an ASI will be hostile to humans. “Instead, we should be thinking about what a completely different kind of intelligence can do for humanity. A cure for all kinds of deadly diseases, an ideal form of politics and social coexistence, and the answer to how a financial system should work in a way that doesn’t exploit the majority of people; among others. These are the questions of intelligence that are not tied to our limits and has completely different abilities to solve.

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