Windows 11 22H2: Here are the new features coming later this month

Install the new Windows 11 update – Follow Simple Steps

It was yesterday that Microsoft presented the first major Windows 11 update. This is marked with the number 2022 and debuts a new philosophy of the software giant in which it will only release one version of these per year. With all the news already known, it’s time to bring this new version to your PC. It’s a simple process and one that will quickly get this update up and running and all the improvements accessible. See then how to install the new version of Windows 11. This is a simple update, but it brings many improvements and new features to Windows 11. Microsoft thus paves the way so that, soon, it can bring even more, as these will arrive separately from the new versions of the Microsoft system.

Windows 11 22H2: Here are the new features coming later this month


 Windows 11 this new update & Security

The new version will be available now and ready to be used. Users just need to open the Settings app and go to Updates & Security. It will be enough to press the button to search for updates, and Windows 11 2022 should appear for the user to install.As Microsoft wants to control the arrival of this version very finely, the update may be limited or inaccessible for some software profiles. If you still want to install it, just download the Windows 11 Installation Assistant and follow the steps.

Microsoft gives all the help you need

Even so, for those who prefer, there are always ISO files, which also allow you to create an installer for this update. Also remember that by doing this step, you may be causing problems for your PC.To help users, Microsoft has prepared the video that we show above and that may help in some situations. The upgrade process should be as simple and trouble-free as it has been with previous upgrades.


From Windows 10 to the new version Windows 11

In addition to this process, there is another batch of users who can take advantage of this new version. We’re talking about users who are still on Windows 10 and who can now take the step they’ve been putting off. Naturally, they must meet the minimum requirements to be able to install.

If it is possible to install, the option to install Windows 11 22H2 will also be available in the updates area. In this case it will be a longer process, ending with the new version of Microsoft’s system becoming available for use.

As we revealed yesterday, there are many new features in this version and in various areas of Windows 11. Microsoft reveals that it has done an excellent job and that users will enjoy it in all scenarios, whether for work or leisure.

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