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Windows 12 features you might not know about. windows 12 requirements 2023

In the world of desktops and laptops, Windows 12 download is by far the dominant operating system, and almost everyone knows how to use it. But as with any OS, there are a number of hidden, but very useful features that you might not even know existed .

For example, did you know that you can quickly navigate to a document or web page you opened a few days ago, organize open applications more efficiently, easily take screenshots and videos of games, and take notes that can then be viewed on other devices?

In this article, I will talk about what these features are and how to find them in Windows 10. Th

ey are not so widely known, but they will definitely help you work more efficiently .

Windows 12 new features

1. Game mode

I’ll start, perhaps, with the most valuable feature for me personally, as a gamer . This is a special environment called “Game Mode” for those who like to spend an hour or two killing virtual monsters and saving the world.

This mode is activated as follows: Options (Win + I keys) – Games – item “Game Mode” .

Game mode allows you to increase performance by redistributing system resources. And by pressing the Win + G key combination, you can launch the Game bar , which allows you to record game videos, take screenshots, chat with friends from the Xbox Live service, and even stream .


2. Privacy settings

Microsoft has finally been able to properly implement customization of privacy settings, but does not really explain how to properly use them. By default, Windows 10 collects tons of information about you and shamelessly stores everything on its servers.

In order to share your data with the “soft ones” to a minimum, you need to go along the path Options (Win + I keys) – Privacy .

Further, it is desirable to disable ALL items, especially in the sections ” General “, ” Speech, handwriting and typing ” and ” Location “.

3. Regime of God

One of the most hidden and most powerful features under the pathetic name “God Mode” (GodMode) allows you to access a special menu.

Here, in one place, a lot of fine-tuning of the system is collected, including some analogue of TimeMachine. Opening this menu is not so easy – you need to create a new folder in the root of the system drive and rename it to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} .

Her icon will change, and when opened, a nice advanced control panel will launch.

4. Virtual desktops

Working with virtual desktops is one of the best innovations in Windows 10 compared to previous versions. The very fact of their support is a significant step forward, because Mac OS X and Linux users have had this opportunity for a long time.

Now you can, for example, put some windows and tasks on one desktop, email and Twitter on another, and surf the Internet on a third.

To use this feature, click the Task View icon on the taskbar (immediately to the right of the search field), or press Win+Tab.

On the screen, you will see the inscription Create desktop, under which there will be an empty area with a plus sign. You can simply click on it, or you can immediately drag any application onto it.

5. Print to PDF

With the Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer , you can “print” (in fact, just save) a document to PDF without the need for third-party applications.

Simply select the appropriate “printer” in any application’s print dialog. This is useful for saving and distributing documents without editing.

6. Scrolling inactive windows

Have you ever experienced that you hover your mouse over a window and try to scroll it, but you can’t because it is inactive?

It can be fixed. Turn on the function Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them in the window Settings – Devices – Mouse and touchpad.


7. “Shake” to quickly minimize all windows

If you have many windows open, you can move the cursor over the title bar of any of them, hold down the left mouse button, and ” shake ” it.

Immediately, all other windows will be minimized.

It may take a little practice – I, for example, did not succeed the first time. If you shake again, the windows will expand again.

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