Windows 12 operating system – New, Update 2023

Microsoft’s most famous, popular and modern operating system is currently Windows 11, which it released in the second half of 2021, making it available to everyone. A lot of time has passed since its release, and for such a period everyone has managed to fully get used to the fact that it is extremely advanced, more than offering everyone and everyone a user experience that is simply amazing in terms of the combination of qualities. And now, to the delight of so many people, a very real miracle happened, because it became known about such a new platform as Windows 12. Even if it has not yet been officially presented, since the time has not come for it, but some important ones are already known details.


The latest Windows 12 operating system will be an evolutionary continuation of Windows 11, getting an even more attractive appearance, an additional simplified interface, enhanced security system, as well as full support for biometric modules and sensors, all of which will be supported at the hardware level without additional software. In addition, in the latest OS, Microsoft will make it so that absolutely everything that can be performed using the keyboard and mouse becomes impossible to perform using voice control. To do this, a special voice assistant will be added to the platform, but not Cortana, but a much more advanced one, including based on neural networks and machine learning.

Support for voice control in the new OS will be so advanced that the latest operating system will simply shock everyone, since no other platform for electronic devices is even close to being able to boast of something like this. Of course, the innovations in Windows 12 will not stop there, because the latest platform will also offer everyone and everyone many other benefits, including a new kernel that will significantly increase the speed and stability of the entire platform, and such a problem as the Blue Screen of Death will never happen again. will not be, so everyone and everyone will be able to forget about it forever, as if it had never even existed. Anyone who wishes about this at all will be guaranteed to be satisfied with the new platform, since it simply simply will not be even close to equal.

It goes without saying that the latest platform will be available for installation on any computer model, so anyone who has a device that meets the minimum system requirements can install it on their electronic gadget. Currently, the latest operating system, Windows 12, is in early alpha, which will be developed over the coming years to a stable alpha state, and then, after that, the beta testing process will begin. It is expected that the new OS will see the light of day for all users in 2025 or a little later. Much will depend on how well Windows 11 will be able to hold the market and how it will suit everyone.

According to Microsoft representatives, with the release of one of the updates for Windows 11, one of the libraries that was used to allocate GPU resources broke in the operating system. As a result, as a result, all programs and games that use it, on certain configurations of technical equipment, began to work incorrectly. Simply put, the OS incorrectly managed the technical equipment that is built into the electronic device, and the payback for this was a reduced, and extremely noticeable, computing power. An update that resolves this critical issue that has affected many people is already

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