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Windows 11 will be 3 years old next October. However, the system is far from unanimous for PC users. With that, what can we expect from the next version of Windows windows 12 iso file ? We have some predictions. First, still about version 11, it’s good to understand what happens to it: even with the incentive of being a free update, only 15% of PC users in the world have updated their machines, and 71% continue with Windows 10. The reason? The RAM consumption of the new version is higher, so many users prefer to stay with the previous version. Also, Windows 11 ended up coming out during the Covid-19 pandemic that, even in a milder form, we are still going through. With the reduction of components, new computers are more expensive and with that, the installed base does not grow at the expected speed. Recently, the version has passed the number of users of Windows 7, released in 2009.

Windows 12 : une sortie pour 2024 et une nouvelle version tous les 3 ans ?

An interface do Windows 12

With screens already released by Microsoft itself in a Keynote presented by its CEO Satya Nadella, we can see a little more of the possible interface of the future of Windows. It’s basically an evolution of what happens in Windows 11, with everything centralized — very close to Mac OS as well. However, the bar appears to float on the screen and is no longer “docked” to the bottom of the display. Perhaps, we will see widgets exploiting this space.

The price of the upgrade

Microsoft has already demonstrated that it is more interested in democratizing its operating system than charging for its installation. Windows 11 was announced as a temporarily free upgrade, but it remains free for Windows 10 users and PCs compatible with the new version. We don’t believe Microsoft will change this policy for Windows 12.

Windows 12 Release date & Minimum Requirements

We don’t believe that updating is mandatory, even on brand-new and compatible machines. Even for what we see happening with Windows 11, passed over even by users with last year’s machines. Probably, the update will be optional for windows 12 following the same logic as the current one.

Minimum requirements

Windows 12 currently requires at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. While RAM consumption is always a critical factor, we shouldn’t see drastic changes in this pattern.

Release date of

If Microsoft maintains the current lifecycle of its operating systems, windows 12 download iso 64 bit should arrive in 2024 — four years after version 11 was released. Experts point out that this should happen in the autumn of the northern hemisphere, between September and November 2024.


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